Developing and Promoting Economic Growth amongst existing and new businesses.

The leading voice of business in KwaZulu Natal and South Africa.

NAFCOC Programmes

Aims to promote engagement between local government and small business in communities to ensure a conducive climate for small business growth.

Areas of Cooperation

Funding to support training of more communities and engagement with municipality authorities.

Training of members in business statutory and regulatory requirements to enable them to meet government criteria for running legal businesses and also be be eligible for government business.

Areas of Cooperation

Funding for training and review of handbook.

NAFCOC offers together with various training providers, courses in business management focusing on areas such as records management and bookkeeping, marketing and payroll management.

Areas of Cooperation

Funding for more training or an existing small business training programme where our members can be referred to.

NAFCOC offers advisory and information services to members seeking different kinds of information from registrations with different departments and institutions of government to specific business sector advice and information. NAFCOC also distributes information on tenders for National, Provincial and Local government services and products.

Areas of Cooperation

The need is on training for more NAFCOC Staff and volunteers to be equipped with more skills and knowledge on this.

There also need to have NAFCOC members on system that gives them regular access to tenders available for application.

One key area that we are also currently involved in is the establishment of exhibition and quality check venues for goods from small manufacturers. The quality check and approval of goods will go a long way in making the goods of small manufacturers acceptable in the eyes of the market.

Areas of Cooperation

NAFCOC is in need of a partner that will bring in skills and funding to assist in establishing the exhibition and quality check centres.

NAFCOC has working arrangements with Development Finance Institutions such as SEFA, SEDA, IDC, NEF and provincial DFIs where it refers members who seek funding and at times give out pertinent details including application forms to members wishing to apply for loans.